Only Savigny

Our vines are all situated in the Savigny-les-Beaune district of the Côte de Beaune. We mainly produce Savigny-les-Beaune Premiers Crus, “Aux Clous”, “Les Hauts-Jarrons”, “Les Lavières” or “Les Talmettes” wines, but also a rare white Savigny-les-Beaune Village wine.

Grape varieties

Like all Burgundy reds, our Savigny reds come from the pinot noir grape. This grape variety was brought to Burgundy by the Cistercian monks and made compulsory in the 14th century. Like all great Burgundy whites, the white wines come from the chardonnay grape. The particularity of our vintage comes from the presence of old stocks of the pinot blanc variety (around 10%), which adds suppleness and balance to the chardonnay.